Jared is a versatile creative mastermind...Well, he is skilled in many creative fields.


His work has a narrative focus, wanting to tell compelling stories that connect with an audience, and with his skill of identifying the emotion needed for a project and being able to bring a story to life only makes the connection that much stronger.


His work consists of feature films, short films, commercials, new media content, motion graphics and music videos.  Having work that has been released or in collaboration with Lionsgate and FOX as well as broadcast commercials and new media content.


As a director, Jared has helmed many short films and new media content as well as the feature films BOUNTY (Austin O'Brien, Jarret LeMaster, Michelle Acuna) which also won Silver for the JPF Best Soundtrack Album (scored by Jason & Nolan Livesay) and TURNAROUND JAKE (Michael Madsen, Jen Lilley).


Jared is also listed on the roster of the Motion Picture Editor's Guild (Local 700) with a keen eye for cutting narrative and commercial work.  He has worked with many Agencies throughout the Los Angeles area and is expert at piecing together new media content.


He is not afraid of a camera and thrives off of creating motion images.  His keen eye for shaping light while understanding the technical side of things makes him an asset on set.  He loves what DSLRs have done for indie filmmakers but is skilled in other formats as well (RED, 16mm, 8mm, etc)